Do you want to create your own games? Download video tutorials that cover every step along the way, from creating the art resources to programming the game logic. Learn to program in OpenGL using C++, create 3D models and sprites, and learn the skills needed to build your own game engine. The tutorials are easy to follow and educational for all, including creative designers, instructors, students and hobbyists.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a VMK?
Visual Module of Knowledge (VMK) is made up of one or more compressed files that can be downloaded from this website. Inside a VMK, you will find a video tutorial on a specific topic.
What is the difference between a Regular and a Premium membership?
A regular membership is free. To get a premium membership you must purchase something from the store. A regular member is only allowed to download 1 VMK file every 45 minutes; a premium membership does not have this limitation. With a regular membership you must download VMK files in a specific order; premium members can download VMK in any order.
How do I download a VMK from the website?
Choose the downloads tab at the top of the screen and then select a VMK topic. You will see a listing of all the VMK in the selected section. See the reference image on the right.
  1. If you do not have a premium membership, you must download VMK in a specific order as indicated by the prerequisite section. Once you have downloaded all the required VMK, you will then see a "Download VMK" button appear down here which will let you download this file.
  2. This section will indicate one of the following:
    • Free: This VMK is free to everyone and does not require any download credits to download this file.
    • Bundle: This VMK is part of a VMK bundle which you have purchased. You do not require any download credits to download this file.
    • # MB: Indicates the number of download credits you need to use to download this file.
  3. The VMK number of the file is indicated here. See point number 8 below for an explanation of the blue/black color code.
  4. The duration of the VMK is indicated here. Some VMK are split across multiple files which all need to be downloaded to view the video. In these cases the duration indicator will be missing.
  5. The title of the VMK. If the VMK is split into multiple files, the part number is indicated at the end of the title. All parts of a multi-file VMK must be extracted into one common directory on your computer to be able to view the full video.
  6. Clicking on the "thread" link will take you to the appropriate thread in the discussion forum where you can read additional comments and tips about this VMK.
  7. Most VMK display a screen captured image from the video here. Hover the mouse over the image to reveal the description of the VMK.
  8. A blue border around a VMK indicates that you have not yet downloaded this VMK. A black border indicates that the VMK has already been downloaded.
How many files can I download?
The total number of files that you can download is determined by the number of download credits that you have in your account. To view how many download credits you have left, log into your account and click on the "Account Details" link found at the top of the screen. The cost to download a specific VMK file is indicated in the section illustrated by (2) in the image above.
How do I get more download credits?
You can purchase additional download credits from the store.
In which order should I watch the VMK?
To see the recommended viewing order of all the
video tutorials open the VMK viewing chart. The chart illustrates the following things:
  1. Title bar shows each of the VMK sections available on the website
  2. Gray lines connect boxes between different VMK sections. In the image on the right this illustrates that you should watch all the video tutorials in the General C++ series numbered from 1 to 13 before watching the first OpenGL Game Engine VMK.
  3. Boxes illustrate a video tutorial topic. Each box can represent one or more VMK which can be downloaded. Clicking on a box will take you to that VMK on the website so that it can be downloaded.
  4. Dark brown lines indicate the relationship of VMK within a specific section. You should watch video tutorials listed in order from top to the bottom.
  5. Light brown lines indicate codependence of VMK within a specific section. In the image on the right, after watching the OpenGL Game Engine VMK#1, you may want to skip ahead and watch VMK#45.
Can I create more than one account for myself?
Each user is only allowed one account on the website. The website runs an automatic scan periodically looking for users that have duplicate accounts. If you create multiple accounts for yourself, you will be banned from the website.
Are the VMK files compressed?
Yes VMK files are compressed using WinRAR. To open an RAR file, use the WinRAR software. Video files are encoded and saved as *.avi files or Flash *.swf / *.flv files. To play avi video files, you may need to first install the TechSmith codec on your PC. You can download the codec from here or here. To play video files encoded as *.swf/*.flv, find the *.html file in the directory where the swf/flv files are located and open it using your browser.
I downloaded a VMK file but it is corrupted. What should I do?
Some VMK are split into multiple RAR file downloads as indicated by Part 1/X in the title bar as shown in (5) in the image above. You need to download all the parts, remove the four digit id at the end of the file name and then extract the RAR files into one common directory to be able to view the video.

During high traffic, some internet service providers will automatically disconnect from the website before a VMK is fully downloaded to your computer and this will also cause the VMK to be corrupted. The website keeps track of which VMK files you have attempted to download so you will not be charged twice for downloading the same VMK file multiple times. Try to download the VMK again, making sure you do not have any download managers running in the background. Only download one VMK file at a time rather than trying to download multiple files at once.

If you are experiencing audio problems during playback, read this forum thread for help.
I found a bug in one of the VMK, who do I report it to?
Click the "thread" link in the VMK download section (see (6) in the image above). Read through the forum comments to see if there is a solution to the problem already posted by someone else. If you have found a new bug, post a new comment in this forum thread.